X-WinMerge – Portable Changelog Tool

X-WinMerge is based on WinMerge, an open source tool that is used to visually determine differences or changes in files. WinMerge is commonly used to determine what has changed between project versions, and can then be used to merge any changes between those versions. X-WinMerge is essentially the portable version of the merging tool, enabling you to do your text file comparisons and merging on the go.

X-WinMerge – Portable Changelog and Merging Tool:

X-WinMerge Screenshot

Authors Website: X-WinMerge Site

License: Open Source

Download: Get X-WinMerge

How to make X-WinMerge entirely self contained:

  1. Locate and edit X-WinMerge.ini
  2. Under [FileToRun], modify line to read: “PathToExe=$Bin$\$AppName$\WinMergeU.exe”