Portable Java - Run Java from a Flash Drive

Portable Java on USB. An Official Java Portable version has been created and released by Portableapps. By installing Java on your USB Flash Drive, you can bring Java with you to run your .JAR files from the Portable Java installation on your Flash Drive instead of depending on a local JRE install.

Run Java from a Flash Drive - Java Portable:

Extracted Size: 108MB before adding any Java Programs

Software Authors Website: http://portableapps.com

License: Open Source

How we installed "Portable Apps Platform",  "Java Portable", and "Java Portable Launcher". Upon completion, you should be able to run Java from a Flash Drive via the Portable Apps Platform.

Perform the steps in order, using your flash drive as the destination.

  1. Download and install Portable Apps (Platform Only)
  2. Download and install Java Portable
  3. Download and install Java Portable Launcher
  4. Run StartPortableApps.exe from the flash drivePortable Apps Platform
  5. Click Java Portable Launcher and select a .JAR file to openSelect a Jar file to Open
  6. Then Select File > Load (filename) the file you want to runSelect File - Load Filename

Enjoy running your Java .JAR files from a USB Flash Drive!