Partition Table Editor - PTEDIT

Ptedit is a Portable Partition Table Editor. Originally created by Powerquest, it was later offered through Symantec, which now appears to also be discontinued. At one time this tool could be used to quickly and easily edit partition tables. For instance, a user could use this software to mark a partition active and "toggle the bootable flag" all from within Windows. A task that the tool accomplished by changing the boot indicator from 00 to 80.

The editor can also be stored and then run entirely from a USB flash drive. Making it Portable.

PTEDIT | Partition Table Editor

Symantec Partition Table Editor
The Symantec version of this Partition Table Editor
PTEDIT Partition Table Editor
Using the PowerQuest version to Edit Partition Tables

Extracted Size: 493KB

Authors Website: (now discontinued)

License: Freeware

Download: Grab the last known release of Symantec to edit Partition Tables