Size Matters - File Size Checker

Size Matters is a free file size checking tool. It can be used to track a list of files and check their file sizes. Usage is easy and simple: just drag and drop a directory or file onto the portable file size checker, and the tool will proceed to calculate each file size. Information can also be exported to a CSV file for further analysis and external use.

Size Matters File Size Checking Tool

Size Matters - Check File Size

File size checking tools are used to analyze and display the sizes of files and directories on a storage device, helping users manage their disk space more efficiently. You may find this tool very beneficial for tasks like identifying large files or directories taking up space on your computer system. Allowing you to then determine if you want to keep or remove files that are no longer in use or that just appear to be creating clutter.

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  • Developer: Created by Skwire Empire
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  • License: Freeware
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows All
  • Downloading: You can get this free file size calculator here:
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