The PC Decrapifier - Remove Bloatware


The PC Decrapifier; is an application to uninstall or remove unnecessary software (bloatware) that is included on and ships with OEM Computers. Use it to decrapify and speed up a PC by removing installed trialware and bloatware from computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, etc.

For example the PC Decrapifier can remove Antivirus Software trials, Microsoft Office trials, Google toolbar, Dell URL assistant, HP Rhapsody, AOL, Internet service offers, unnecessary startup programs, and much more. When using this bloatware remover, you can view the list of items it detects and then choose what to remove. And because it can be run portably, you can even decrapify your friends PC for them.

The PC Decrapifier | Bloatware Remover

Clean up Windows. Decrapify a PC and remove OEM bloatware to speed up Windows.

Decrapifier - Remove Bloatware

  • Authors Website: Project Page
    It looks like this software has been discontinued, and is no longer being maintained.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • License: Freeware (for personal use)

Where to Download PC Decrapifier?

Note: The following bloatware removal software may no longer function as intended. Use At Your Own Risk! By proceeding to download and use this free tool, you assume full responsibility for any damage it could cause to your computer. The last known version of this Windows System Cleanup tool can be found here:
PC Decrapifier Download

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