Autoruns - Startup Monitor

Autoruns is a startup monitor application that can show you what programs have been configured to run during system bootup. It shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them. Autoruns has the ability to give you more detailed information than the MSConfig utility that ships with Windows XP. This tool uses 1.1MB of space extracted.

Autoruns Portable Startup Monitor

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Autoruns offers a range of features for managing and analyzing auto-starting programs and components on a Windows system. Some of its key features include:

  • Comprehensive Auto-Start Locations: Autoruns scans various auto start locations in the Windows operating system, including the Windows Registry, startup folders, services, scheduled tasks, driver services, and more. This allows you to see a comprehensive list of programs and processes that start when your computer boots up.
  • Detailed Information: For each auto start entry, it provides detailed information, including the program's name, image path, description, publisher, and more. This information helps you identify the nature and source of each entry.
  • Color Coding: It uses color coding to highlight different types of entries, making it easier to distinguish between standard system entries, third-party software, and potentially suspicious or unverified auto-start items.
  • Online Search: You can right click on an entry and use the "Search Online" feature to look up information about a particular item online, which can be helpful for determining whether an entry is safe or potentially harmful.
  • Filter and Search: Includes search and filter options, allowing you to quickly locate specific auto-start entries or filter entries based on criteria like location or publisher.
  • Disable or Delete Entries: You can disable or delete auto-start entries directly from the tool. This can help you prevent unnecessary or unwanted programs from launching at startup, which can improve your system's boot time and performance.
  • Auto-Start Analysis: It can analyze your system and provide a report that summarizes the number of auto-start entries and their types (e.g., file system, scheduled tasks, services).
  • Exporting and Saving Data: You can export the list of auto start entries to various formats, such as text, CSV, or a specific file format, for further analysis or documentation.
  • Verification Options: Provides options to verify the digital signatures of files to help ensure the authenticity and integrity of auto start items.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Can launch Sysinternals utilities for in depth analysis and troubleshooting, making it a valuable part of the Sysinternals suite.

Overall, Autoruns is a powerful tool for managing and optimizing the startup behavior of your Windows computer and for identifying potential issues related to auto-starting programs. It's particularly useful for advanced users, system administrators, and those interested in system maintenance and security.

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License: Freeware
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