Drive Tidy Portable Disk Cleaner

Drive Tidy is a Freeware Portable Disk Cleaner. This popular disk cleanup tool can be used to quickly and easily remove unnecessary files and files no longer used by your computer in an effort to help de-clutter and free up disk space.

How Drive Tidy works

Drive Tidy works to help you free up disk space by thoroughly scanning your PC for files that are no longer in use. It is much more powerful than the standard Windows disk cleanup and other drive cleaning tools. This disk cleanup utility can be started in either quick or advanced mode.

Quick mode automatically selects the most common items to be cleaned, while advanced mode provides granular selection. After clicking Start Cleanup, the tool proceeds to remove any unnecessary or invalid files that it finds. Once it finishes, a detailed log is provided for your reference.

Portable Disk Cleaner | Drive Tidy

Disk Cleaner - Drive Tidy

If you find this portable drive cleaning tool useful, you might also like CCleaner which is an advanced system cleaner that includes even more hard disk cleanup options and features.

Specifications | Project Page | Where to Download

    • Authors Website: Project Page
    • Developer: Microlink
    • License: Freeware
    • File Size: 240KB
    • Supported Operating Systems: Windows
    • Downloading: You can grab this free disk cleanup tool here:
      Drive Tidy download