Free History Eraser – Clear Typed Searches

Free History Eraser is a utility that can be used to clear typed searches and securely remove traces of your internet activity. With a single click, this tool will delete or erase the Internet History or the typed urls, address bar AutoComplete and index.dat files in an attempt to prevent others from telling where you have been on the internet. History Eraser will run on any Windows Computer and can be run portably from a USB device as well.

History Eraser – Clear Typed Searches

Free History Eraser

Authors Website: Free History Eraser Site

License: Freeware

How to Make Free History Eraser Portable

  1. Download and install History Eraser to your PC
  2. Copy the HistoryEraser.exe from C:\Program Files\Free History Eraser to your portable device

Note: You can uninstall History Eraser from your PC, once you have a copy of HistoryEraser.exe on your portable device.

This Portable Application is filed under: General Flash Drive Applications 

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