Bleachbit Portable Free PC Cleaner

BleachBit Portable is an Open Source, Free PC Cleaner, file deleting software, system optimization and privacy tool. Created by Andrew Ziem, this System Cleaner works much like CCleaner in that it can be used to delete files and logs, clear Internet history, wipe cache, delete cookies, shred temporary files and much more. Advanced features include the ability to shred files to prevent recovery, wipe free disk space to make deleted data unrecoverable, and vacuuming Firefox to make it faster. This tool was mentioned by the slate group news source to have been used by Hilary Clinton in an effort to remove controversial emails. Though that might not be considered the most appropriate use case for the tool.

Free PC Cleaner Software – BleachBit


Authors Website: Project Page

Extracted Size: 8.09 MB

License: Open Source

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