Rizone's Power Tools - Window Maintenance

Rizone's Power Tools is a free and portable tools and utilities suite. Offering an extensive set of Windows Maintenance tools at your fingertips to help you maintain your PC. It can be used to optimize memory, optimize registry, defrag a computer, perform disk cleanup, flush file buffers, access administrative tools and more.

Rizone's Power Tools

Rizone's Power Tools - Easy Windows System Maintenance

Rizone's Power Tools is a collection of freeware utilities developed by Rizone Technologies. These tools are designed to perform various system maintenance and optimization tasks on Windows operating systems. The suite includes several utilities that address different aspects of system management. Please note that there might have been updates or changes to these tools after my last training data.

Here are some of its key features and functionalities:

  • Registry Repair: The suite may include a tool for repairing and optimizing the Windows Registry. It could scan for errors and attempt to fix issues related to registry entries.
  • File Recovery Tool: Includes a file recovery utility designed to help users recover accidentally deleted files.
  • System Optimization Tool: Tools for optimizing various aspects of system performance, including startup management, services optimization, and other tweaks to enhance overall responsiveness.
  • Disk Cleaner Utility: A utility for cleaning up unnecessary files and freeing up disk space on the system.
  • Task Process Manager: A task manager or process manager tool that allows users to view and manage running processes on their system.
  • Registry Backup and Restore: Features for creating backups of the Windows Registry and restoring them if needed.
  • System Information Tool: Tools for displaying detailed information about the computer's hardware and software configuration.
  • Antivirus Scanner: You can also use the Power Tools utility to scan for viruses using Clamwin or other popular Antivirus and malware scanners.

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Extracted Size: 26.9MB
Authors Website:
(it appear the author has abandoned this project?)
License: Freeware
Download: You can get this Windows System Tools Suite HERE