MemTest Memory Tester

MemTest is a Free Memory Tester that runs in Windows. It was originally created by HCI Design. The software can be used as a RAM reliability tester to ensure your system memory is working properly and reliably without errors. This super tiny memory testing tool works by running tests to see if your computer is able to accurately store and retrieve data from memory without error. If the test shows any errors, there is a good chance that you might have defective RAM Memory.

One unique feature of this software is that it runs from within Windows, instead of requiring its user to reboot to run a test.

emory Tester Testing in Windows | MemTest

MemTest - Windows Memory Tester
The tool is shown here while performing a quick RAM test.

Extracted Size: 40KB

Authors Website: Project Page

License: Freeware

Download: Get this Free Memory Testing tool HERE