Temp File Cleaner - Delete Temp Files

Temp File Cleaner is a Free Portable Tool that can be used to Delete Temp Files. Designed to Remove Temp Files from a hard drive in an attempt to help reclaim hard drive space and keep your computer running smoothly. Options include; Delete Temporary Internet Files, Delete Windows Cache, Delete Cookies, Delete History, Delete User Temp, Delete Windows Update Cache, Delete Recent Files, Empty Recycle Bin, Delete System Restore Data, Delete Windows Prefetch and more.

Note: I reclaimed 31.5GB of disk space using this tool. That's impressive clutter cleanup!

This tool does require Java to be installed in order to function.

Temp File Cleaner - Clean Temp Files

Temp File Cleaner

Authors Website: https://addpcs.com/software/tfc/#/about

License: Freeware

Download: Get this Temporary File Cleaner HERE