Golden Rules Organizer


Golden Rules Organizer is a free and portable personal information manager. It is a personal organizer you can use to manage your daily or weekly tasks, projects, activities, contacts, schedules, plans and more. It could also be used as a personal diary or to simply keep notes in an ordered structure.

Golden Rules Organizer

Golden Rules Organizer

Extracted Size: Under 10MB before a database is populated
Authors Website: It appears the author has abandoned this project.
Developer: created by Michael Gvirtzman
License: Freeware
Download: You can get this Personal Information Manager here:
Golden Rules Organizer Download

Run Golden Rules Organizer from a USB flash drive

  1. Run gro-install.exe and Browse to a flash drive for the install path
  2. Proceed to install
  3. When prompted, uncheck the options to Create Shortcuts in the Start Menu and Desktop and continue
  4. Use run.bat to start the program

Note: Golden Rules Organizer does require Java Runtime Environment to run, but a user can copy the JRE directory from a PC to the USB device (renaming jre6 for example to jre) bypassing the need to have Java installed on the PC.

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