Portable Total Organizer

Total Organizer allows a user to Organize and store personal information such as a contacts, notes, tasks and to-do items within an easy to navigate folder tree structure and calendar menu. Typically a user would install Total Organizer to a folder on their hard disk. But we are going to show you how to install Total Organizer to a folder on your USB flash drive, enabling you to bring your Organizer with you to use wherever you go.

Total Organizer Screenshot:
torganizer 1


License: Freeware

Authors Website: http://konradp.com/products/organizer

Installing Total Organizer to a USB flash drive:

  1. Download Total Organizer and install to your PC
  2. Copy the C:\Program Files\Organizer folder to your USB device
  3. Run organizer.exe from the Organizer folder to run the program

Note: You can uninstall Total Organizer from your PC once you have the Portable Organizer Software working.