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WinMerge is an Open Source file and folder comparison and merging tool. This portable differencing and merging tool can be used to visually compare differences or changes in folder or files in a format that is easy to understand. The software can then be instructed to merge or sync those changes.

WinMerge | File Comparison and Merging Software

WinMerge in action

WinMerge is an open-source file comparison and merging tool for Windows. It allows users to visually compare the contents of files and folders and merge differences between them. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Side-by-side comparison of files or folders, highlighting the differences between them.
  2. Visual differentiation of changes with color highlighting and syntax highlighting for various file types.
  3. Ability to compare and merge files of different formats, including text, binary, and image files.
  4. Line-based and character-based comparison modes for precise analysis.
  5. Folder comparison and synchronization, enabling users to identify differences between directory structures and synchronize files and folders.
  6. Support for plugins to extend functionality, including additional file formats and integration with version control systems.
  7. Flexible configuration options, allowing users to customize settings such as line-ending style and text encoding.
  8. Unicode support, enabling comparison and merging of files containing non-ASCII characters.
  9. Integration with popular version control systems such as Git and Subversion.
  10. Lightweight and portable, with both installable and portable versions available for easy use on different systems.

Overall, the tool provides a user-friendly interface and powerful features for comparing and merging files and folders, making it a valuable tool for developers, software engineers, and anyone needing to manage file differences effectively.

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  • Supported OS: Windows
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