DiskXS – Virtual Floppy Drive

DiskXS is a Free Virtual Floppy Drive tool that can be used to handle floppy disk images (virtual floppy disks). The tool offers the ability to view, extract, import/export or delete the content of any floppy disk image that has been FAT formatted. In addition DiskXS supports loading and writing of floppy images to a floppy drive.

It supports both standard 1.44?? and 5.25?? floppies from 160KB upto 2.88MB and can also handle non standard 820KB, 1.68MB, 1.72MB floppy images.

A Virtual Floppy Drive – DiskXS

DiskXS Virtual Floppy Drive

Authors Website: DiskXS Project Page

License: Freeware

Download: Get this Virtual Floppy tool DiskXS Download

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