TinyTask Free Macro Recorder

TinyTask is a Free Macro Recorder created by Vista Software Inc. It is a small Portable Macro Recording Utility that enables you to easily automate repetitive tasks. The tool works by recording keyboard and mouse actions with the single click of a button. Those keyboard and mouse actions can then be saved, played back once, looped, or played back a set number of times.

This Tiny Task tool works very well for Game Macro Leveling. I will often use some Keyboard Macros to help me automatically up repetitive skills for Online RPGs. Instead of always doing the grind.

TinyTask Macro Recording Tool

TinyTask Free Macro Recorder Tool
Tiny Task Macro Tool

Authors Website:  Project Page

File Size: 32KB

License: Freeware

Download: Grab this Tiiny Task Free Macro Tool

Note: During playback of a recorded Macro, the mouse will not respond to manual clicks. Simply press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R to stop the playback loop of a running macro recording. This should halt macro playback and allow you to regain manual control of your mouse. 😉