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Yadabyte Subtext is an Open Source portable application that enables users to create portable text shortcuts for commonly typed words or phrases. Those words or phrases can then be automatically retrieved by simply typing the shortcut you have tied to the text.

For example, I personally use the tool to store contact addresses. For example, I create a text shortcut called nameaddress that ties to the contacts full address. Then I simply type name address into any text field, text document etc and press enter or space, and the contacts address is automatically displayed.

I am sure you can think of many other great uses for this text replacement tool. It is a definite time saver.

Portable Text Shortcuts | Yadabyte Subtext

Portable Text Shortcuts - Yadabyte Subtext

Specifications | Official Site | Where to Download

  1. Authors Website: Archived Project Page
  2. License: Open Source
  3. Downloading: You can get this Portable Text Shortcuts utility here:
    YadabyteSub Text Download

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