iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader


iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader is a Free tool that enables you to download SWF files from a website. The SWF download tool could be used to grab embedded Flash Games, Flash Animations, Flash Movies and more. Simply paste the URL into the address bar and click Download. The SWF Downloading software will then locate and download all SWF files from that page. The tool also comes with it's own preview window, so you can test the files you have downloaded.

iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader Screenshot

Screenshot of iwisoft swf downloader

Authors Website: http://flash-swf-converter.com/swfdownloader/

License: Freeware

How to make iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader Portable:

  1. Download and install iWisoft SWF Downloader on your PC
  2. Copy the contents from C:\Program Files\iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader to your USB device
  3. Add the following to the option.ini file:

    Directory=Downloaded SWF Files

  4. Launch the program by clicking swfdownload.exe

You should now be able to run the program Portably and can proceed to uninstall the program from your PC if you wish.

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