Aciqra - Portable Planetarium

Aciqra is a free Portable Planetarium that can be used to display a virtual real time, history or future view of the day or night sky from your location. The virtual view displays the planets, stars, comets and other minor bodies along with their coordinates and phases.  Usage of the Aciqra software is easy and requires little to no knowledge of astronomy to use. Best of all the Portable Planetarium can be stored and run from a USB device.

Portable Planetarium - Aciqra

portable planetarium screenshot

Authors Website:

License: Open Source

How to make Aciqra a "Portable Planetarium"

Method 1:

  1. Download the 7-zipped Aciqra Portable Planetarium package and extract to your USB device using 7-zip
  2. Click Aciqra.bat from your USB device to launch the program

Method 2:

  1. Download the Aciqra Setup Installer
  2. Install the Aciqra planetarium software to your PC
  3. Copy C:/Program Files/Caglow/Aciqra folder  to your USB device
  4. Click Aciqra.exe from your Aciqra directory to launch the program

Note: Once you have copied the Aciqra folder to your USB device, you can uninstall the software from your PC and continue to run the Portable Planetarium from your USB device.