XP Syspad - Portable Program Launcher

XP SysPad is a portable program launcher that gives you convenient, quick and easy access nearly every feature on your PC. Easily access your applications, directories, system utilities, control panel applets, System passwords, Windows and Office product keys, running processes and much more. Once started, XP SysPad will remain on your taskbar, making it convenient to access.

XP Syspad - Portable Program Launcher Screenshot

XP SysPad - Portable Program Launcher

Authors Website: The author appears to have abandoned this project.

License: Freeware

How to make XP SysPad a portable program launcher

  1. Download the XPSysPad.exe
  2. Click XPSysPad.exe and install the program to your PC
  3. Copy the XPSysPad folder from C:\Program Files\XPSysPad to your Flash Drive
  4. Click XPSysPad.exe from the XPSysPad folder on your Flash Drive to launch the program

Note: You can uninstall XPSysPad from your computer once you have verified that it is working from your portable device.