PacBot Answers - Artificial Intelligence Prankware

PacBot Answers is an Artificial Intelligence Prankware Bot created by Pijush Wares. It can be used to trick people into thinking the tool knows the answers to any question it is asked.  The Answer is hidden in the petition! You then pretend to be asking PacBot a question that you already know and have given it the answer to. Essentially fooling your friends into thinking the tool knows the answer to every question it is asked.

Artificial Intelligence Prankware - PacBot Answers

PacBot - Prankware Artifical Intelligence

How PacBot Answers works to appear to "intelligently" answer questions:

(1.) Click the Begin button

(2.) From the petition field, (a.) press and release the period on your keyboard (b.) begin to type the answer to the question you are about to ask (your answer is masked by the default petition text as you type) (c.) finish by repeatedly pressing the period key until the petition field is filled with the default petition text (d.) press enter.

(3.) Type your question in the question field; (a.) press enter.

(4.) Watch the expression on your friends faces, as they think PacBot has somehow intelligently answered the question.

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Extracted Size: 72 KB

License: Freeware

Download: Grab this Prankware Artificial Intelligence Software HERE