Server2Go - Portable Web Server

Server2Go is a completely FREE Portable web server or http server that includes Apache, MySQL, SQLite, Perl and PHP. Web applications used with Server2Go can be accessed directly from a USB flash drive or memory stick, CD ROM or self contained folder on a local hard drive.

The package provides a great method of bringing your webwork with you to show potential clients, classmates and instructors, friends etc. This All In One Portable Webserver is available in various packages ranging from a micro package to a full blown Server with Perl.

Server2Go Portable Web Server


Server2Go menu page

Authors Website: Archived Project Page

It appears that this project has been abandoned or discontinued. An archived link to the official source is being provided.

License: Freeware

Download: Choose a Portable Server2Go Download from one of the zipped versions.

Note: There is also a modified fork of this portable http server for Windows called ExMo which can be found on GitHub.