CDex Portable FREE CD Audio Ripper and Encoder


CDex is an Open Source CD ripper and encoder or CDAA utility. This tool enables a user to extract, convert and save + encode digital audio files to compressed or non compressed audio file formats. Typical encoders supported by CDex are MP3, MP2, APE, Ogg Vorbis, NTT VQF, FAAC, WMA8.

Files can be ripped and converted from an audio CD using your computers CD Drive or from an audio (Example: WAV) file that has been saved on the computers hard drive. This CDex audio ripper and encoder utility can be installed to and run directly from a USB device.

CDex Portable Audio CD Ripper

CDex Audio Ripper

License: Open Source

Authors Website:

CDex Portable Install

  1. Download the CDex zip and extract the contents to your USB device.
  2. Navigate to your USB device and Click CDex.exe to launch CDex.

Note: NVidia motherboard users may encounter the error (failed to load wnaspi32.dll driver! Use the "Native NT SCSI library" driver option instead?). Select Yes to continue and everything should work fine.
--- The driver issue seems to be fixed in this latest version! ---

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