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Instagiffer is a Free Animated Gif Maker. This software can be used to create your own personalized animated gifs with captions from various video formats, game streams, and image formats. The program supports importing video from Youtube and other video URLs, or from locally stored files. It can also be stored and run directly from a flash drive. You can bring it with you to create animated gifs on the fly wherever you are.

Free Animated Gif Maker | Instagiffer

instagiffer - free animated gif maker

About InstaGiffer

Instagiffer is a software program that allows users to create GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) from video files, images, or other sources. It offers a user friendly interface and various features for creating, editing, and customizing GIFs. Its features include:

  1. Animated GIF Creator: Enables users to easily convert video clips or sequences of images into GIFs. You can import videos from various formats and sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or your local file system.
  2. Animated GIF Editing Tools: The software provides tools for editing and enhancing your GIFs. You can trim the video, adjust the frame rate, apply various filters and effects, and add text or captions to your GIFs.
  3. Frame by Frame GIF Editing: It allows users to perform frame by frame editing, which is useful for fine-tuning the appearance and timing of each frame in the GIF.
  4. GIF Preview and Playback: You can preview your GIF creations within the software to ensure they look as intended before saving the final output.
  5. Animated GIF Customization: The tool offers options to customize the size, quality, and looping behavior of your GIFs. You can also choose the number of colors in the GIF's palette to optimize file size and quality.

Specs and Download

Extracted Size: 65.5MB
Authors Website: Project Home Page
License: Freeware
Downloading: you can get this free gif creator here:
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