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Text to speech converter software can be a valuable tool for many purposes, from improving workflow efficiency to providing auditory feedback. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which converter is the best choice for you.

Many programs use the Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI) to offer text to speech conversion. SAPI allows developers to add voice synthesis capabilities to a range of applications, ranging from education programs to game software. It also supports different languages, accents and dialects, and has an extensive library of audio files that can be used as output. Text to speech converter software that uses SAPI technology requires less input data and is often easier to customize than other programs.

Text To Speech via SAPI is a Free Text to audio conversion utility. You can use it to quickly capture the text from a .txt file. The converter will then render and convert the text to audio. And finally output the sound into a .wav file format. You can play the file back using a native Microsoft SAPI voice. Or another sound player that also supports the playback of wav files.

This is a stand alone executable was created by kyrathaba of Kyrathasoft. It is a portable application can be stored and then run entirely from a USB flash drive.

Text to Speech Converter via SAPI

Free Text to Speech converter software

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