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InstantMask is a free background removing tool. It can be used to remove the background from a picture or photo quickly and easily. Simply trace inside the image you want to keep with the green crayon, and then trace just outside of the image with the red crayon, click preview and the tool will clip the background.

InstantMask | Picture Background Remover

Remove Image Background with InstantMask
This software tool was specifically designed to remove backgrounds from photos or images. You'll fins it often used for tasks such as isolating an object or subject from its background, which can be helpful in graphic design, photo editing, and other creative applications. Usage is simple; you create a mask around the object you want to keep and then preview and remove the background, leaving you with a transparent or new background. This can be helpful when working with pictures and product photos or for creating composite images and other new art.

The background clipper uses various algorithms and techniques to automatically detect and remove the background from an image, making the process quicker and more efficient than just manually selecting and deleting a background from a picture.

Photo after InstantMask Background Clipping

After InstantMask Clipping

Additional Specifications and Download

Extracted Size: 11.6MB
Authors Site: Archived Project Page
Developer: Originally created by Clipping Path Studio
This project may no longer be active. An archived link is provided.
License: Freeware
Downloading: You can get this Free photo clipping tool here:
Download InstantMask

Portable Notes: Install as usual, then copy the C:\Program Files\InstantMask folder to your USB device.

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