Avanti GUI - Portable Audio Video Editing

Avanti GUI is a free portable audio video conversion tool with a graphical front end. It allows a user to convert for example: "FFmpeg codecs" such as Mpeg, AVI, Xvid formats. Avanti GUI offers user friendly control over all basic and advanced FFmpeg options. This portable video editing tool is used in conjunction with FFmpeg and offers the option to run Avisynth as the pre processor. FFmpeg includes libavcodec, the leading open source codec library for encoding and decoding audio/video.

Avanti GUI | Portable Audio Video Conversion Tool:

Audio Video Encoder Decoder Screenshot

Avanti GUI - Audio Video Encoder Decoder

Authors Website: avanti.arrozcru.com

License: Freeware

How to run Avanti GUI from a USB flash drive:

  1. Download the Avanti GUI 7zip file and extract it's contents to your USB flash drive
  2. Download the FFmpeg 7zip file and extract it's contents to the ffmpeg subfolder on your USB flash drive
  3. Launch Avanti GUI via the Avanti-GUI.exe