Money Manager Ex - Personal Finance Software

Money Manager Ex is a simple, and very easy to use free personal finance software that can be run directly from a portable device. This application will help users get organized and keep track of where his or her money goes. The utility includes most of the basic features a user would need in personal finance software.

Money Manager Ex | Free Personal Finance Software

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What is Money Manager Ex?

Money Manager Ex (MMEX) is a 100% free, open-source, and cross platform personal finance software. It is designed to help individuals and households manage their financial transactions, budgeting, and overall financial health. Here are some of its key features:

  • Financial Tracking: Users can track their income, expenses, and transactions, helping them gain a comprehensive view of their financial activities.
  • Easy Budgeting: Allows users to set up budgets, helping them plan and manage their spending in various categories.
  • Reports and Charts: The software provides customizable reports and charts to visualize financial data, aiding users in understanding their financial patterns and trends.
  • Account Management: Users can manage multiple accounts, including checking, savings, credit cards, and other financial instruments.
  • Security Features: Includes security features such as password protection to safeguard financial information.
  • Import and Export options: Users can import and export financial data, making it easier to migrate data or integrate with other financial tools.
  • Reminders and Scheduling: The software may include features for setting reminders and scheduling recurring transactions, helping users stay on top of their financial obligations.
  • Customizable Categories: Users can customize categories to match their specific financial needs and preferences.
  • Open Source: Money Manager Ex is an open-source project, allowing users to inspect and modify the source code, fostering transparency and community collaboration.

Specifications | Official Site | Where to Get it

  • Website: Project Page
  • License: Open Source
  • Cross Platform: Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Downloading: You can get it directly from here:
    Choose the zip download and not the installer!
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