RQ Money - Portable Personal Finance Software

RQ Money is yet another free portable personal finance software application that can be run directly from a USB device. It uses an SQLite database to store the financial data and allows the user to print reports, export data, search the database and more. Data can be password protected as well.

RQ Money | Portable Money Management


RQ Money  is a free personal financial software program for households. Its main Features include:

  • Small and portable: Does not require installation, just unzip to an optional folder.
  • Unlimited count of currencies, accounts, categories, persons, payees, comments, tags, etc.
  • Very fast: Thanks to the built-in SQLite database and virtual treeviews.
  • User friendly: Features intuitive data entry and reports.
  • Stable and safe: Protected by password and strong encryption.
  • Multilingual: Currently supports english, czech and slovak languages.
  • Freeware: Version 3.0 onwards is entirely free.


  • Basic functions include detailed evidence of basic transactions (credits, debits, and transfers).
  • Uniform handling of lists throughout the program.
  • Filtering, sorting, and summarizing transactions according to user preferences.
  • Scheduler with the possibility to view payment calendars.
  • Printing reports, file imports, and exports.
  • Practical cash counter for optional currencies.
  • Inbuilt SQL commander.

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Authors Website: Project Page
License: Freeware
Downloading: You can get this free money management tool here:
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