HJSplit File Splitter and Joiner

HJSplit is both a file splitter and file joiner in one. It is an entirely free utility makes splitting and joining files, simple! This portable software can be used to split large files into smaller chunks (.001, .002, .003 etc) so that they may be sent via email or other methods that typically impose file size limits for transmitting files. It can even split files larger than 10GB and checksums can be created. Split files can then be rejoined using HJJoin tool (also included) with HJ-Split.

HJSplit Portable File Splitter | File Joiner

HJSplit File Splitter and Joiner

This is a popular freeware utility for splitting and joining files. It is commonly used to break large files into smaller parts or rejoin those parts to recreate the original file. It is available for various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Here are some of its unique features:

  1. Splitting Files: It allows you to split large files into smaller, more manageable parts. This can be useful when you need to transfer or store large files that might not fit on a single storage device or need to be sent over the internet in smaller chunks.
  2. Joining Files: It also provides the capability to join or merge split files back together to reconstruct the original file. This is particularly helpful when you receive a set of split files and need to combine them to access the content.
  3. No Installation Required (Stand Alone): The software is made available as a standalone executable, which means you don't need to install it on your system. The executable file can be stored and run directly from a USB drive.
  4. File Verification: Includes a checksum feature that allows you to verify the integrity of split and joined files, ensuring that they have not been corrupted during the splitting or transferring process.
  5. Supports 001 File Formats: It is associated with split files having extensions like ".001, .002, .003 etc" > The utility can also be used to split files larger than 10GB.
  6. Freeware File Splitter and Joiner: This file manager is free and has been widely used by individuals and organizations for many years. It is especially useful when dealing with large files that need to be split into manageable segments or when sharing files across multiple storage devices or media.

It's important to note that this 001 file management tool doesn't provide compression or encryption features. Users primarily use it for dividing large files into smaller parts for more convenient storage or transmission and then reassembling them when needed.

HJ-Split Specifications and Download

Extracted Size: 348KB
Authors Website: HJ-Split Project Page ~ archived link
Developer: Freebyte
License: Freeware
Release Date: 2010
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Linux, MacOS
Where to find it? You can get this free file splitting and joining tool here:
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