File Joiner - Join Multiple Files into One File


File Joiner is a free file joining tool that can be used to join multiple files into one single file. It is commonly used to combine or join split files ending with .001, .002,.003 extensions. Files like these were originally created with a file splitter tool.

Though the files are made available for download as individual files, once they are combined or joined, the pieces come together to form a single program or folder containing an installer. For example these may be parts of an ISO or AVI file that was originally too large to store and then upload as a single file.

This free file joining tool will help you join those split files back into one single file that can then be executed for its intended purpose.

File Joiner | Joining Multiple Files into One

File Joiner - Join Split Files
Joining multiple files into one single file

Extracted Size: 60KB
Authors Website: Igorware Project Page
License: Freeware

How to use File Joiner

  1. Get the File Joining Tool
  2. Press the Add Files button and then browse to and select your .001 file.
  3. Then Press Join to combine the files from the archive into one.

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