HJZip – Zip and Unzip Archival Tool

HJ-Zip is a , small, simple, easy to use, stand alone archival utility that can be used to Zip and Unzip files as well as create new self extracting Zip archives. HJ-Zip contains many features typically found in high end Zip/Unzip/Archival tools such as WinZip and WinRaR. Best of all, HJ-Zip is Free, making it a great Zip tool to add to your portable USB collection.

HJ-Zip – Portable Archive Utility Screenshot:

HJ-Zip Screenshot

License: Freeware

Authors Website: freebyte.com/hjzip

HJ-Zip USB Installation:

  1. Download the self extracting hjz_pack.exe
  2. Create a folder named HJ-Zip on your USB device
  3. Move the hjz_pack.exe to the HJ-Zip folder
  4. Click the hjz_pack.exe to install
  5. Click HJZIP.exe to run HJ-Zip