HJZip Zip and Unzip Archival Tool

HJ-Zip is a small, simple, easy to use, stand alone archival utility that can be used to zip and unzip files as well as create new self extracting Zip archives. It contains many features typically found in high end Zip/Unzip/Archival tools such as WinZip and WinRaR. Best of all, this is a Free zip file opener or zip file creator, making it a great tool to add to your portable USB collection.

HJ|Zip | easily zip and unzip files

HJ Zip and Unzip

License: Freeware

Authors Website: Project Page

How to zip unzip files with HJ-Zip?

  1. Download the self extracting hjz_pack.exe
  2. Create a folder named HJ-Zip on your USB device
  3. Move the hjz_pack.exe to the HJ-Zip folder
  4. Click the hjz_pack.exe to install
  5. Click HJZIP.exe to run HJ-Zip

Note: This tool has been superceded by the Freebyte freeware zip/unzip program which appears to work the same way.

Freebyte Zip is a free and easy-to-use zip file opener, creator, and manager. It allows users to compress and decompress data with just a few clicks. This makes for an ideal tool for those who need to quickly zip or unzip files without having to install any additional software. With this tool, users can easily create password-protected zip files for secure sharing of sensitive data. It also supports various file formats, making it a versatile solution for all kinds of needs.