Everything File Search Tool

Everything file search tool for Windows is search engine software created and offered by Voidtools. Worlds faster than any built in Windows file searching tool, the everything search engine makes it quick and easy to locate any file or folder by name.

Featuring a clean user interface, the everything search engine is easy to use, simply type the name of the file or folder your looking to find and everything instantly does the rest. File and folder searches are performed quickly (about 1,000,000 files per minute). It does this in the background, all while consuming very little resources.  For example, 1,000,000 indexed files will require only 75 MB of ram and take up roughly 45 MB of disk space.

Moreover, this particular file search utility also offers optional FTP or HTTP access. Enabling its user to share files and folders with other people.

Everything File Search Tool

Everything File Search Tool

Authors Website: Project Page

License: Freeware

Extracted Size: < 3MB before creating a database

Download: Get this free and portable Windows file search tool HERE