TeraCopy Portable Fast File Transfer

TeraCopy is an app that can be used to perform a fast file transfer, enabling you to copy or move files at the maximum possible speed. This portable fast file copier works by using asynchronous copy to speed up copying between two drives. Buffers are also used to help reduce any seek time.

In addition, users can pause and resume file transfers. The utility features built in error checking, and if a file fails to move, the tool will show you which file(s) failed allowing you to reattempt to transfer the problem file(s). I personally use this tool to quickly move files between local drives and even removable USB flash drives with great success.

Performing a Fast File Transfer with TeraCopy

Fast File Transfer App - TeraCopy Portable

Authors Website: Project Page
License: Freeware
Supported OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP
Extracted File Size: +- 13 MB

How to make Teracopy Portable

  1. Create a folder on your USB drive called teracopy.
  2. Download the installer and copy it to that folder.
  3. From Windows, open a command prompt.
  4. Change directory to the folder on your USB drive.
    For example, cd /d e:/teracopy
  5. Now simply type teracopy.exe /extract
  6. The files will be extracted to a folder such as D4CC796.
    You can now proceed to run the program from the exe found in that folder.