SFV Ninja - Simple File Verification Checksum Tool

SFV Ninja is a Simple File Verification checksum calculator; A tool that can be used to either verify a checksum file or or create a checksum file. Creation or validation of CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256 checksums are supported. The checksum of multiple files or even entire folders of files can be calculated or validated all at once.

Simple File Verification | Checksum Calculator

SFV Ninja - Free Checksum Calculator and Validator

About the SFV Ninja Checksum Calculator

SFV Ninja is a file checksum calculator. An application designed for performing file verification using SFV (Simple File Verification) checksums and other hash algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512. SFV (Simple File Verification) is a common method for verifying the integrity of files by checking their checksums against values stored in an SFV file. This helps ensure that your files have not been corrupted or tampered with during file transfer, sharing, or backup storage.

SFV Ninja Features

  • This file comparison tool offers two verification modes. The first mode verifies all files in the list, which is a standard feature of SFV applications. The second mode, however, is more interesting. It verifies only newly added files. This allows you to update an existing SFV file without the need to verify all files again. This can be a time-saving feature when you have a large collection of files and only a few have changed.
  • The software has the ability to recursively scan a folder for checksum files and load them all at once. This is convenient when you have multiple SFV or checksum files scattered across various directories, and you want to verify them in bulk.
  • SFV Ninja uses relative paths whenever possible when generating checksum files. This is a useful feature for maintaining relative directory structures, which can be important when moving or sharing files between different locations or systems.

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License: Freeware
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