PuTTY Portable SSH Client

PuTTY Portable is a free portable version of the popular Telnet, and Rlogin, and SSH client called PuTTY. It is an open source terminal emulator,
serial console, and network file transfer application that supports various network protocols. Primarily used for establishing secure shell (SSH) connections to remote servers and devices, this tool lets you securely connect to a remote Unix or Linux box from Windows.

PuTTY Portable SSH Terminal Emulator

A utility that enables you to remotely work from the machine as if you were sitting at its terminal.
Putty Portable

What is PuTTY Portable?

The portable version known as PuTTY Portable, is designed to run directly from a portable storage device, such as a USB flash drive, without the need for installation on the host computer. It allows users to carry their PuTTY settings, configurations, and private keys with them and access remote systems from any computer they have physical access to, without leaving any traces behind.

The portability of PuTTY makes it a convenient tool for system administrators, network engineers, and individuals who frequently work with remote servers or devices. It offers the flexibility of accessing and managing systems securely without the need to install software on multiple machines.

Presently, the tool works by utilizing the xterm terminal emulator to emulate the remote connection. Thanks to the portable version, we can now bring this outstanding tool with us on a USB flash drive or memory stick, and remotely Telnet while on the go.

Portable PuTTY Features

  • PuTTY Terminal Emulator: PuTTY itself is a free and open sourced terminal emulator that supports various network protocols, including SSH (Secure Shell), Telnet, and more. It is widely used for remotely accessing and managing systems, particularly Unix-based servers.
  • Portability: Is designed for users who need to carry a lightweight and portable terminal emulator with them. This means you can run PuTTY from a USB flash drive or any other removable storage device without leaving traces behind on the host computer. As a portable application, it doesn't require any installation. You simply download it, run it, and then configure your connections as needed.
  • Configuration Settings: PuTTY Portable allows you to save your session configurations and preferences, making it easy to connect to different servers or devices without having to re-enter settings each time.
  • Secure Communication: One of this tools greatest strengths is its support for secure communication protocols like SSH, which encrypts data sent between your computer and the remote server, providing a high level of security for your connections.
  • Customization: You can customize both its appearance and behavior to suit your preferences. This includes changing the font, colors, and various terminal settings.
  • Compatibility: Portable PuTTY is available for Windows, which makes it compatible with most Windows operating systems. There are also versions for Linux and macOS, but it was specifically designed for Windows.
  • Open Source: Meaning the source code is freely available for inspection and modification by the community. This encourages transparency and security.

It is a convenient tool for system administrators, network engineers, and anyone else who needs to access remote systems on the go or from multiple computers. Its portability and support for secure protocols make it a valuable addition to many professionals' toolkits.


Authors Website: Portable Wrapper
Portable Wrapper Creator: John T Haller
License: Open Source
Supported OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 , Vista, XP
Extracted File Size: 6MB installed
Downloading: download PuTTY Portable