PortaPuTTY - Portable TTY

PortaPuTTY is a Free Portable TTY Client based purely on the famous puTTY SSH Client. It uses the xterm terminal emulator to emulate the remote terminal connection. This Portable PuTTY tool can be used to connect to your remote Unix or Linux machines from Windows.

This is a utility I've personally used to manage my own servers.

It lets you remotely work from the Linux or Unix machine as if you were sitting at a terminal. Instead of using the Windows registry, this modified version works by storing its configuration and session data in flat files. Enabling its users to store and run it from a USB drive.

Portable TTY | PortaPuTTY


Authors Website: Archived Link

License: Open Source (+ Google Code Project)

Download: You can get PortaPuTTY HERE

It appears the author has abandoned this project!