General Flash Drive Applications

General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

Kalkules – Universal Scientific Calculator

Kalkules - Scientific Calculator

Kalkules (obviously derived from calculus calculator) is a Free and Portable Universal Scientific Calculator created by Jardo. This freeware calculator can evaluate whole expressions, draw function graphs, calculate in four number systems, with fractions, or polynomials and more. Supports non traditional functions that a high school or college student might encounter.

Celestia Portable Planetarium

Celestia Portable

Celestia Portable is a portable version (wrapper) of the popular Celestia interactive space simulator program. Unlike most Planetarium software, Celestia enables you to explore the solar system and universe in three dimensions. Addons are available from the Celestia Motherlode allowing you to customize to suite your needs.

OpenOffice Portable – Free Office Suite

OpenOffice Portable

OpenOffice Portable: OpenOffice is an Open Source Office Package, a Free “Portable Office” software created by and packaged with a portable wrapper by Portableapps. It ships with a word processor, spreadsheet software, presentation software, drawing utility and a database. OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office and other office suites and can perform all of …

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Movienizer – Movie Organizer


Movienizer is a Portable Movie Organizer. This One-Click Movie Organizer helps you organize and keep track of the downloaded movies in your personal Movie Collection. Once your Movies have been added, Movienizer will use the Internet Movie Database to automatically retrieve information about each movie, including the Movie Cover Art, Movie Plot and Story Line, …

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DiskXS – Virtual Floppy Drive

DiskXS Virtual Floppy

DiskXS is a Free tool that can be used to handle floppy disk images (virtual floppy disks). The tool offers the ability to view, extract, import/export or delete the content of any floppy disk image that has been FAT formatted. In addition DiskXS supports loading and writing of floppy images to a floppy drive. Supports …

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ESBCalc – Scientific Calculator


ESBCalc is a Portable and Free Scientific Calculator Software that can be run from Windows. ESBCalc supports Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions (Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic “Base 10, Base 2 & Natural”), Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List and more. Includes support for Prefix functions as well. Most importantly, the Scientific Calculator is Portable, so you …

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PNotes – Paperless Sticky Notes


PNotes (Pinned Notes or Portable Notes) are paperless sticky notes for your PC. Break away from paper reminders, throw your physical sticky notes away and replace them with virtual ones. Some high lites of PNotes are that it is available in many different languages, is completely skinnable and the font adjustable, you can set alarms …

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DigitWiz – Alphanumeric Phone Number Converter


DigitWiz is a portable phone number conversion tool that can be used to convert name style alphanumeric phone numbers to plain numbers for easy dialing. DigitWiz is not a necessary tool for most people, however, it makes for a nice trivial software piece to add to your portable usb flash drive collection.