General Flash Drive Applications

General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

The Letter Encrypter – Encrypt Notes

How do you Encrypt Notes? The Letter Encrypter is a Free Portable tool that can be used to send secret encrypted text messages. Easily encrypt your notes or letters. Just enter a password, create a text message, and then press the Encrypt button.

Universal Viewer – File Viewer

Universal Viewer is an Free advanced File Viewer that enables users to view a wide range of file formats. Supported viewable file formats include: Text, Binary, Hex, Unicode of unlimited size, RTF, UTF-8, RTF and UTF-8 encoded text, BMP JPG GIF PNG TGA TIFF images, AVI MPG WMV MP3 media files, HTML XML DOC XLS files …

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XP Syspad – Portable Program Launcher

XP SysPad is a portable program launcher that gives you convenient, quick and easy access nearly every feature on your PC. Easily access your applications, directories, system utilities, control panel applets, System passwords, Windows and Office product keys, running processes and much more. Once started, XP SysPad will remain on your taskbar, making it convenient …

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Commands In Demand – Windows Commands Shortcut Tool

Commands In Demand

Commands In Demand is a Portable Windows Commands Shortcut Tool created by Vasilis Stamatopoulos. It can be used to quickly access commonly used essential Windows Commands and Settings via easy to use structured navigation. Quickly access over 120 different Windows Commands,  Features, and Settings that are normally buried within Windows, all from one simple tool.

PortaPuTTY – Portable TTY

PortaPuTTY is a Free Portable TTY Client based purely on the famous puTTY SSH Client. It uses the xterm terminal emulator to emulate the remote terminal connection. PortaPuTTY can be used to connect to your remote Unix or Linux machines from Windows and remotely work from the Linux or Unix machine as if were sitting …

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Read CSV files – CSV Viewer

Read CSV files the way they were meant to be read with DiamondCS’s portable and free CSV Viewer. Unlike reading CSV files with a text reader, CSV “Comma Separated Values” are displayed with CSView in an easy to read and understand format. Each line in a CSV file represents a row, and each column of …

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gPodder – Podcast Downloader

gPodder - Podcast Downloader Aggregator

gPodder is a Free and Portable Podcast Downloader (Aggregator) created by Thomas Perl. It can be used to keep track of and download free “Podcasts” from the Internet. Downloaded Podcasts are stored in the downloads folder and can be watched whenever you choose.  Options are available to add subscriptions, check for new podcast episode updates, …

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ExeInfo – Executable Information Tool

Exe Info Tool

ExeInfo is freeware executable information tool created by NirSoft. It allows you to view detailed information about binary .exe, .dll, ocx, and driver files. Information such as file size, file creation/modification date, executable format, header information, and more is displayed.