General Flash Drive Applications

General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

SE-Desktop Constructor

SE Desktop Constructor

SE Desktop Constructor is a Free desktop wallpaper, clock and, calendar tool created by SE-Soft that can be stored and run from a USB Flash Drive “UFD”. SE-Desktop can be used to setup and automatically change your desktop background wallpaper, add desktop clock or calendar using presets and more.

Yadabyte Subtext – Portable Text Shortcuts

Yadabyte Subtext is an Open Source portable application that enables users to create Text Shortcuts for commonly typed words or phrases. Those words or phrases can then be automatically retrieved by simply typing the shortcut you have tied to the text.

gMote – Mouse Gestures

gMote is a Free Macro tool that enables a user to control their computer using Mouse Gestures. The scribbles you create with your mouse become shortcuts to frequently performed tasks. Once a mouse gesture has been created, you can perform the specific task by scribbling the gesture with your mouse on screen. For example gMote …

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Day Text Converter

Day Text Converter

Day Text Converter is a simple Free Portable Text Conversion tool that enables you to Convert Text to all lower case or all upper case letters (Convert Upper Case to Lower Case and vice versa). Convert complete sentences or paragraphs on the fly without having to rewrite. Usage is easy. Simply paste the text into …

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NexusFont – Free Font Manager

Nexus Font - Font Manager

NexusFont is a Free font manager for Windows. This Font Manager provides a way to view, compare, and completely manage your fonts. It can be used to compare many font styles in one window, rename fonts, locate duplicate fonts, install or uninstall fonts from windows, print fonts, export font images and much more. The tool …

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Marxio Timer – Scheduled Tasks

Marxio Timer is a powerful portable Macro program that can be used to launch Scheduled Tasks. Tasks such as turn off or restart computer, logout user or lock workstation, hibernate or suspend computer, display text or play sound, run or close a program or process, send or press selected key combination (Macro), click mouse at …

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Day Maxi Calc – Portable Calculator

Day Maxi Calc (DMC) is another great Free Portable Calculator. Perform your calculations on a calculator with huge buttons! This portable calculator incorporates all of your most common calculating functions. In addition DMC features large keys that are easy to read, can simulate the classic paper roll and includes printing and saving options.