File Managers

The Best Free File Manager Apps that can be run from USB

ozSync – File Synchronization

ozSync 2

ozSync is a Free and Portable File Synchronization Tool.  The utility can be used to synchronize files and folders that reside at different locations and create a backup of the changes.  ozSync features include  pre scheduled, manual and triggered synchronization (live synchronization when file content changes),  complete or incremental file backup capabilities are offered with …

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Remove Empty Directories – RED

Remove Empty Directories

RED is a Free and Portable Tool created by Jonas John that helps reduce clutter by batch deleting empty folders! It can be used to quickly and easily find and ultimately batch delete empty folders or directories. RED works by recursively scanning for empty folders and then enables you to delete them all at once. …

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Base64 Decoder

Base64 Decoder

Base64 Decoder is a Free and portable decoder tool created by Tim Rohlfs. It can be used to convert base64 data back to its original source code. This software might also be used to decode attachments found in email files.

Duplicate Music Files Finder

Duplicate Music Files Finder

Duplicate Music Files Finder is a Free tool created by Lancuta Liviu Timotei. It can be used to detect and remove duplicate MP3, Wav,  WMA files. The first music file found is listed in the left pane, duplicates found are listed in the right pane. Check boxes and Check All buttons exist on each side, …

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Folder Size – List and Sort Directories by Size

List and Sort Directories by Size - Folder Size

Folder Size is a Portable and Free program created by MindGems. It can be used to scan an attached drive and display how much space each directory is consuming.  Disk space consumed by each folder is broken down by percentage and displayed by your choice of either a bar or pie chart.

CloneSpy Find and Remove Duplicate Files

CloneSpy - Find and Remove Duplicate Files

CloneSpy is a Freeware Tool that can be used to “Find and Remove Duplicate Files”, clean your computer of unnecessary clutter, and free up drive space. Created by Marcus Kleinehagenbrock, this tool can detect and list files that are either exact duplicates, have same file name, have same size, or are zero bytes long.

Alt Commander – Freeware File Manager

Alt Commander - A Freeware File Manager

Alt Commander is a Portable and Free File Manager for Windows. This Freeware File Manager could be used as a replacement Windows File Manager. Key features include a dual pane explorer, internal zip tool, internal image viewer, built in FTP client, file comparison, multi rename tool, archive file navigation and much more.

File Splitter

File Splitter

File Splitter is a Free File Splitter and File Joiner. Much Like HJSplit, this tool can be used to split big files into multiple (file chunks) and to merge those split chunks back into a singular file. This allows a user to send smaller pieces of a large file to recipients in portions that are …

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Everything File Search Tool

everything file search tool 6

Everything file search tool for Windows is search engine software created and offered by Voidtools. Worlds faster than any built in Windows file searching tool, the everything search engine makes it quick and easy to locate any file or folder by name.