System Tools

Portable system tools to help configure your software and add or remove programs

Auto Hide Desktop Icons

auto hide desktop icons

AutoHideDesktopIcons is a Freeware Portable program created by Nenad Hrg. As the name suggests, it can be used to automatically hide desktop icons and even hide the taskbar if you choose. Key features include the ability to set the hide timer and select which mouse button to use to display the hidden desktop icons.

Parkdale – Drive Speed Tester

Parkdale Drive Speed Tester

Parkdale is a neat Drive Speed Testing Tool created by This Free and Portable Utility can be used to quickly Measure or Test the Read and Write Speed of Hard Disks, CD Drives, and Network Drives using either BlockAccess or FileAccess methods.

CrystalDMI – BIOS Information

CrystalDMI is a Free Portable Utility that can be used to display SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) BIOS information via a DMI (Desktop Management Interface). BIOS, System, Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Cache information, System Slots, System Boot information and much can be retrieved and displayed right on your desktop.

CrystalCPUID – CPU Info Utility

CrystalCPUID  is a Free Portable CPU Utility that can be used to display CPU Info. Important processor related information such as CPU Name, Code Name, Vendor Sting, Name String, Microcode ID, Stepping, Clock Speed, System Bus, Multiplier, L1, l2 and l3 cache and more. System BIOS, Version, Chipset and Motherboard information is also available. Moreover, …

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MBRWizard – MBR Manager

MBRWizard is a Free Portable command line (Master Boot Record) MBR Manager created by Roger Layton. It can be used to address all types of Master Boot Record (MBR) problems. MBRWizard functions include; list MBR entries, backup a MBR, restore MBR from backup, repair MBR, list partitions, delete partitions and can even be used to …

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OEMLogo – Edit OEM Information

OEMLogo - Edit OEM Info

OEMLogo is a Freeware OEM information and OEM Logo editing tool created by Octavian Merches. It can be used to View, modify, or delete the OEM information of Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Operating Systems. Key features include the ability to change OEM Logo, Manufacturer information, Model, and Support Information.

RamBooster – Free up RAM

Free Up or Clean RAM - RamBooster

RamBooster is a Free RAM Booster created by J.Pajula. It can be used to “Free Up RAM” or Clean or Clear RAM by continuously monitoring the amount of Free RAM (Random Access Memory) in your system. If the amount of Free RAM drops below the target, RamBooster can set to optimize your RAM automatically through …

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CloneSpy Find and Remove Duplicate Files

CloneSpy - Find and Remove Duplicate Files

CloneSpy is a Freeware Tool that can be used to “Find and Remove Duplicate Files”, clean your computer of unnecessary clutter, and free up drive space. Created by Marcus Kleinehagenbrock, this tool can detect and list files that are either exact duplicates, have same file name, have same size, or are zero bytes long.

View Crashed Applications – AppCrashView

Monitor Crashed Applications - AppCrashView

AppCrashView is a Freeware Portable Utility created by NirSoft that can be used to view the crash details of all applications that have crashed on your Windows PC. The crash information is pulled from Windows Error Reporting. A must have Portable Freeware for troubleshooting Computer system crashes.

MyUninstaller – Portable Uninstaller

MyUninstaller is a utility that can be used to Add/Remove Programs. With it, you can uninstall an application, delete an uninstall entry, and even save a list of all installed applications to a text file. MyUninstaller also provides additional information about installed software applications that the standard Add/Remove Control Panel applet does not. This portable …

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