System Tools

Portable system tools to help configure your software and add or remove programs

ESET SysInspector – Malware Threat Diagnostics

ESET SysInspector

ESET’s SysInspector is an invaluable Free and Portable Threat Diagnostics tool that makes it easier to deal with a system infected with Malware. Once run, SysInspector displays detailed information regarding running processes, network connections, important registry entries, services, drivers, scheduled tasks and system information. Results can be filtered by risk level to help narrow down …

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NumCapsScroll Indicator

Num Caps Scroll Lock Indicator

NumCapsScroll Indicator, created by Vasilios Freeware, can be used to indicate and manage keyboard Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock status. Very useful if a keyboard is missing any of these buttons (for example; my Envy HP laptop keyboard does not have a Num Lock key).

DNS Benchmark Tool

DNSBenchmark - Nameserver Testing Tool

DNS Benchmark is a Benchmarking and Nameserver Testing Tool created by Steve Gibson. As the name implies, it can be used to test and measure the performance of your DNS Nameservers, and offers solutions or (conclusions) to help improve performance, if your DNS Nameservers appear to be affecting your Internet experience. The utility is tiny …

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Rizone Memory Booster

Rizone Memory Booster

Rizone Memory Booster is a Portable and Free System Memory Optimization Tool created by Rizone. It works by safely asking Windows to clean up process workspace (through a Windows API call) and free up memory processes no longer need. The end result should be improved system speed and stability, and reduced memory leaks.

Core Temp Portable Temperature Monitor

Core Temp

Core Temp is a simple Freeware portable program that can be used to accurately monitor CPU Core Temperatures. It displays the temperatures of each independent processor core, in real time. The Portable CoreTemp utility receives temperature readings via the DTS Digital Thermal Sensor (built into most modern processors), offering more efficient temperature readings.

MemTest Memory Tester

MemTest - Windows Memory Tester

MemTest is a Free Memory Tester that runs in Windows. It was originally created by HCI Design. The software can be used as a RAM reliability tester to ensure your system memory is working properly and reliably without errors. This super tiny memory testing tool works by running tests to see if your computer is …

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Reprofiler – Manage User Profiles

Reprofiler - View and Manager USer Profiles

Reprofiler is a Profile Link Repair Tool created by IWR Consultancy.  It can be used to quickly view, set, manage, or repair user profile associations and properties.  Options include the ability to assign folders,  erase data, detach profiles, and view User Profile Information (Properties).  Reprofiler is a portable application, so it can be taken with …

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AutoRun Settings

AutoRun Settings

AutoRun Settings is a Free and Portable tool created by Uwe Sieber that allows a user to enable autorun and disable autoruns on the fly. The tool effectively allows you to enable or disable autorun notifications when a drive is attached. Options include selection for all users or current user, drive type selection, individual drive …

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Autoruns – Startup Monitor

Autoruns is a startup monitor application that can show you what programs have been configured to run during system bootup. It shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them. Autoruns has the ability to give you more detailed information than the MSConfig utility that ships with Windows XP. This tool uses 1.1MB of …

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Xleaner – Free Privacy Cleaner

Xleaner Portable - Privacy Cleaner

Xleaner is a Free and Portable Privacy Cleaner created by It can be used to protect your privacy and remove computer usage tracks or traces by deleting web browsing internet history, cookies, temp files, and browser cache. Xleaner can also clean Window’s temp files, clear search history, clear recent documents, remove junk files and …

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