System Tools

Portable system tools to help configure your software and add or remove programs

Fat32 Format Tool for USB Drives larger than 32GB

Fat32 Formatter - a Fat32 format tool for large USB drivesFat32 Formatter is a format tool to help you get  your USB drives larger than 32GB formatted as Fat32. Some operating systems and disk utilities impose limitations preventing you from formatting partitions larger than 32GB with a Fat32 file system.

TreeSize Get Folder Size Windows 11

TreeSize Free - Sorting Largest FoldersTreeSize is a Free tool that can be used to get folder size or list directories by size in Windows. This organized directory tree tool can be used to easily figure out which folders and sub-folders are using the most space.

MyUninstaller - Add Remove Programs Alternative

MyUninstallerMyUninstaller is a utility that can be used to Add/Remove Programs in place of the Windows application uninstallation software. With it, you can remove or uninstall an application, delete an uninstall entry, and even save a list of all installed applications to a text file.

Core Temp - Temperature Monitor

Core TempCore Temp is a free portable program that can be used to accurately monitor CPU core temperatures of the processors in a computer system. It displays the temperatures of each independent processor core, in real time.

MBRWizard - MBR Manager

mbrwizard-mbr-options-screenshotMBRWizard is a Free Portable command line (Master Boot Record) MBR Manager. It can be used to address all types of Master Boot Record (MBR) problems.

CloneSpy Find and Remove Duplicate Files

CloneSpy - Find and Remove Duplicate FilesCloneSpy is a freeware duplicate file removing tool that can be used to "find and remove duplicate files", clean your computer of unnecessary clutter, and free up drive space. This tool can detect and list files that are either exact duplicates, have same file name, have same size, or are zero bytes long.

FCleaner Windows Cleaner

fcleaner-screenshotFCleaner is a Free and Portable Windows Cleaner and registry optimization tool. It can help keep your computer system running smooth, fast and at peak potential.

MemTest Memory Tester

MemTest - Windows Memory TesterMemTest is a Free Memory Tester that runs in Windows. It was originally created by HCI Design.

DNS Benchmark Tool

DNSBenchmark - Nameserver Testing ToolDNS Benchmark is a Benchmarking and Nameserver Testing Tool created by Steve Gibson. As the name implies, it can be used to test and measure the performance of your DNS Nameservers, and offers solutions or (conclusions) to help improve performance, if your DNS Nameservers appear to be affecting your Internet experience.

Auto Hide Desktop Icons

auto hide desktop iconsAuto Hide Desktop Icons is a free portable program. As the name suggests, it can be used to automatically hide desktop icons and even choose to hide the taskbar in Windows as well.

Autoruns - Startup Monitor

AutorunsAutoruns is a startup monitor application that can show you what programs have been configured to run during system bootup. It shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them.

Disk Cleaner - Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleaner - Disk CleanupDisk Cleaner is a portable and free disk cleaning software tool for Windows. This Open Source utility can be used to quickly free up disk space occupied by cache and temporary files in an attempt to help you keep your PC clean, fast, and free of clutter.

List Large Files - Find the largest files

List Largest FilesList Large Files is a Free Portable USB Application that can be used to find the Largest Files in Windows. The tool works by using a GetFiles method to recursively search directories on a drive.

MaxRAMFree Memory Defragmenter

MaxRAMFree - RAM Memory DefragmenterMaxRAMFree; A Free Memory Defragmenter Tool that can be used to defragment RAM or System Memory. You can choose how much RAM you want to defrag and then

HDBench - Free Benchmark Software Utility

HDBench - Free Benchmark Software UtilityAnother nice little Portable and Free Benchmarking Software Tool is HDBench. It can be used to quickly test and benchmark CPU, Memory, Video, and Disk Drive performance.

Unlock File In Use - File and Folder Unlocker

file-unlockerFile and Folder Unlocker by DiamondCS is a Free Tool that can be used to Unlock a File in Use. The File and Folder Unlocker offers complete control over locked files and folders on your Computer.

A Portable PC Cleaner - Your Cleaner

your-cleaner-pc-cleanerYour Cleaner; a Free Portable PC Cleaner and System Optimization Tool that can be used to help keep your your computer clean and running like new. The tool can remove traces of online activities including Typed URLs, Download History, Cache, Cookies, Auto Completion and Saved Passwords.

The PC Decrapifier - Remove Bloatware

decrapifier-screenshotThe PC Decrapifier; is an application to uninstall or remove unnecessary software (bloatware) that is included on and ships with OEM Computers. Use it to decrapify and speed up a PC by removing installed trialware and bloatware from computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, etc.

Rizone's Power Tools - Window Maintenance

rizones-power-toolsRizone's Power Tools is a free and portable tools and utilities suite. Offering an extensive set of Windows Maintenance tools at your fingertips to help you maintain your PC.

StartUpLite - Remove Startup Programs

startuplite-screenshotStartUpLite is a portable application that gives users the ability to manage, disable or Remove Startup Programs from a computer. Removing unnecessary system startup entries can, in some cases, allow for a quicker Windows system boot.

ESET SysInspector - Malware Threat Diagnostics

ESET SysInspectorESET's SysInspector is an invaluable Free and Portable Threat Diagnostics tool that makes it easier to deal with a system infected with Malware. Once run, SysInspector displays detailed information regarding running processes, network connections, important registry entries, services, drivers, scheduled tasks and system information.

HostsMan - Windows Hosts File Manager

Windows Hosts ManagerHostsMan is a Portable Freeware Windows Hosts File Manager or Host File Editor created by abelhadigital. It can be used to quickly and easily manage your Windows Hosts File.

NumCapsScroll Indicator

Num Caps Scroll Lock IndicatorNumCapsScroll Indicator, created by Vasilios Freeware, can be used to indicate and manage keyboard Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock status. Very useful if a keyboard is missing any of these buttons (for example; my Envy HP laptop keyboard does not have a Num Lock key).

Rizone Memory Booster

Rizone Memory BoosterRizone Memory Booster is a Portable and Free System Memory Optimization Tool created by Rizone. It works by safely asking Windows to clean up process workspace (through a Windows API call) and free up memory processes no longer need.

Reprofiler - Manage User Profiles

Reprofiler - View and Manager USer ProfilesReprofiler is a Profile Link Repair Tool created by IWR Consultancy.  It can be used to quickly view, set, manage, or repair user profile associations and properties.

IObit Uninstaller - Remove Programs

IObit Software UninstallerIObit Uninstaller is a Portable Free Software Uninstaller created by IObit. It can be used to quickly and easily uninstall or Remove Installed Programs and Browser Toolbars from your PC.

AutoRun Settings

AutoRun SettingsAutoRun Settings is a Free and Portable tool created by Uwe Sieber that allows a user to enable autorun and disable autoruns on the fly. The tool effectively allows you to enable or disable autorun notifications when a drive is attached.

Revo Uninstaller - Application Uninstaller

revo-uninstaller-screenshotRevo Uninstaller is a powerful portable uninstall tool or utility that can do much more than just add/remove programs. It can be used to remove any unwanted software programs, applications and traces from your computer.

Xleaner Free PC Privacy Cleaner

Xleaner Portable - Privacy CleanerXleaner is a portable and free PC cleaner. It is a free, lightweight and easy-to-use software application designed to clean up and optimize your computer system.

Check Folder Sizes - FolderSize

Display Folder SizesFolderSize is a Free Folder Size Calculating Tool created by Jan Horn. It can check the size of all folders on a select drive, making it easy to Find the largest files or folders and figure out which are consuming the most space.

System Explorer

system-explorerSystem Explorer is a Free portable tool that can be used to display detailed information about Windows processes, Tasks, Modules, Startup Entries, Drivers, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Services, Connections and Opened Files. The Build System Report feature can be used to create a detailed text report containing all of the essential information about your Computer System.

Temp File Cleaner - Delete Temp Files

temp-file-cleanerTemp File Cleaner is a Free Portable Tool that can be used to Delete Temp Files. Designed to Remove Temp Files from a hard drive in an attempt to help reclaim hard drive space and keep your computer running smoothly.

Add Remove Program Cleaner

Add Remove Program CleanerAdd Remove Program Cleaner is a free tool that can be used to clean up, uninstall or remove program entries "uninstall broken software" from the Add/Remove programs list in Windows. The utility enables you to remove any program entries that are broken or cannot be removed by running the Windows uninstall program or application.

CPU Speed - Processor Speed Test

cpu-speedCPU Speed is a Free and Portable Processor Speed Testing tool that can be used to calculate the true speed of your processor. The tiny utility reports your REAL CPU Speed in Mhz.

Windows Enabler | Enable Grayed Out Buttons

windows-enabler-in-actionWindows Enabler is a free portable tool that enables users to Enable Grayed Out Buttons. If you have ever needed to force an option in Windows but can't because the option is grayed out, this tool might help you.

Unlocker - File and Folder Unlocker

unlocker-in-actionUnlocker is Free and Portable File and Folder Unlocking utility. It can be used to unlock Files and Folders that are in use by a process.

Free Junk File Cleaner - JFRemover

Junk File RemoverJFRemover is a Free and Portable Temp and Junk File Cleaner created by UtilityNerd. It can be used to quickly cleanup Temporary Files and Junk Files, anabling Windows to run quicker and help you recover drive space.

NetCheck - Internet Connection Tester

netcheckNetCheck is a Free, simple Internet Connection Tester. It can be used to "check the status of your internet connection" by attempting DNS resolve and TCP connection tests.

Edit Startup Programs - Autostart Viewer

autostart-viewerAutostart Viewer by DiamondCS is a Free Software that enables you to Disable or Edit Startup Programs or Autoruns (applications that are started when Windows starts). By running the tool, you can view the details of all running autostarts on your system and then choose to modify, edit, disable or delete the programs from starting with Windows.

Remove Empty Directories - RED

Remove Empty DirectoriesRED is a Free and Portable Tool that helps reduce clutter by batch deleting empty folders! It can be used to quickly and easily find and batch delete empty folders or directories.

Base64 Decoder

Base64 DecoderBase64 Decoder is a Free and portable decoder tool. It can be used to convert base64 data back to its original source code.

WinCrashReport - Windows Crash Report

win crash reportWinCrashReport is a Free Tool created by NirSoft that offers an alternative to the default Windows crash reporting program. WinCrashReport provides a detailed Windows Crash Report or Log of crashed applications from the crash dump, in an attempt to help you further troubleshoot and fix the problem.

CrystalDMI - BIOS Information

crystaldmi-smbios-information-utilityCrystalDMI is a Free Portable Utility that can be used to display SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) BIOS information via a DMI (Desktop Management Interface). BIOS, System, Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Cache information, System Slots, System Boot information and much can be retrieved and displayed right on your desktop.

CrystalCPUID - CPU Info Utility

crystalcpuid-cpu-infoCrystalCPUID  is a Free Portable CPU Utility that can be used to display CPU Info. Important processor related information such as CPU Name, Code Name, Vendor Sting, Name String, Microcode ID, Stepping, Clock Speed, System Bus, Multiplier, L1, l2 and l3 cache and more.

SIV - System Information Viewer Tool

SIV is a Portable System Information Tool that can be used to view hardware and software information related to the system it is being run from. For example, SIV could be used to display Windows info, Network info, Hardware device info, CPU info, PCMCIA info, PCI info, USB info, Hardware Sensors, Machine Info, Operating System Information and much more.

OEMLogo - Edit OEM Information

OEMLogo - Edit OEM InfoOEMLogo is a Freeware OEM information and OEM Logo editing tool created by Octavian Merches. It can be used to View, modify, or delete the OEM information of Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Operating Systems.

View Crashed Applications - AppCrashView

Monitor Crashed Applications - AppCrashViewAppCrashView is a Freeware Portable Utility created by NirSoft that can be used to view the crash details of all applications that have crashed on your Windows PC. The crash information is pulled from Windows Error Reporting.

WinUpdatesList - List Windows Updates and Hotfixes

winupdateslist-list-windows-updates-and-hotfixesWinUpdatesList, is a free tool that can be used to view installed Windows updates, Service Packs and Hotfixes that are currently installed on your PC. It also enables you to uninstall or remove an update, copy information to the clipboard, or export the information.

WhatInStartup - Remove Startup Programs

whatinstartup-startup-managerWhatInStartup is a Free Startup Manager that can be used to Manage, Disable or Remove Startup Programs that Start with Windows. The utility displays any applications that are loaded automatically when Windows starts up.