System Tools

Portable system tools to help configure your software and add or remove programs

System Explorer

System Explorer is a Free portable tool that can be used to display detailed information about Windows processes, Tasks, Modules, Startup Entries, Drivers, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Services, Connections and Opened Files. The Build System Report feature can be used to create a detailed text report containing all of the essential information about your Computer System. …

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Add Remove Program Cleaner

Add Remove Program Cleaner is a Free Portable Utility that can be used to clean up, uninstall or remove program entries (Uninstall Broken Software Installs) from the Add/Remove programs list. The tool enables you to remove any program entries that are broken or cannot be removed by running the uninstall program or application.  Add Remove …

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Disk Cleaner – Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleaner - Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleaner is a Portable and Free Disk Cleaning Tool created by R.J. Moerland. It can be used to free up disk space occupied by temporary files in an attempt to help keep your PC clean and free of clutter. Use Disk Cleaner to Clear Browser History, Clear Browser Cache, Remove Browser Cookies, Clear Recent …

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Unlocker – File and Folder Unlocker

Unlocker is Free and Portable File and Folder Unlocking utility. It can be used to unlock Files and Folders that are in use by a process. It works by allowing you to stop or kill the running processes that may be keeping you from copying, moving, deleting, renaming or otherwise  modifying a file or folder.

Free Junk File Cleaner – JFRemover

Junk File Remover

JFRemover is a Free and Portable Temp and Junk File Cleaner created by UtilityNerd. It can be used to quickly cleanup Temporary Files and Junk Files, anabling Windows to run quicker and help you recover drive space. Many options are available and you can analyze what JFRemover finds before committing to perform a cleanup.

Remove Empty Directories – RED

Remove Empty Directories

RED is a Free and Portable Tool created by Jonas John that helps reduce clutter by batch deleting empty folders! It can be used to quickly and easily find and ultimately batch delete empty folders or directories. RED works by recursively scanning for empty folders and then enables you to delete them all at once. …

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Base64 Decoder

Base64 Decoder

Base64 Decoder is a Free and portable decoder tool created by Tim Rohlfs. It can be used to convert base64 data back to its original source code. This software might also be used to decode attachments found in email files.

WinCrashReport – Windows Crash Report

win crash report

WinCrashReport is a Free Tool created by NirSoft that offers an alternative to the default Windows crash reporting program. WinCrashReport provides a detailed Windows Crash Report or Log of crashed applications from the crash dump, in an attempt to help you further troubleshoot and fix the problem.