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DomainHostingView – Domain Host Lookup

Domain Hosting View

DomainHostingView is a Free Portable WHOIS Domain Lookup tool created by NirSoft. It can be used to View Domain Hosting Information for any Website Domain. Information such as the domain name owner, domain name registrar, created changed and expire dates, web and mail server hosting company, domain name server and all DNS records, etc.

Nassau – Display Network Connections

Nassau - View Network Connections

Nassau is a Free and Portable Network Connection Viewer Utility created by It can be used to View, List, or Display All Network Connections and starts minimized to the taskbar. Connection information such as the IP, Gateway, and DNS server of each Network Adapter is listed in a structured window for the listed user/computer.

SqlDbx – Free SQL Manager

Free SQL Database Editor- SqlDbx

SqlDbx is a Stand Alone Free SQL Manager or SQL Frontend created by ACS Technologies, inc. A database management tool (SQL IDE) that provides a means to manage your SQL databases to run queries, execute scripts and browse database objects. SqlDbx is a portable SQL Database Editor that requires no installation. It is Free for …

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Simple Port Forwarding

simple port forwarding on linksys router

Simple Port Forwarding is a Freeware Portable Network Routing Tool created by PCWinTech. It can be used to control Router Port Forwarding options directly from the tool. Simple Port Forwarding supports the most popular routers on the market. It also has built in port setting options for many P2P programs, games and other commonly used …

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IPInfoOffline – IP Information Tool

IPInfoOffline IP Information Utility

IPInfoOffline is a Free Portable Software that allows you to view detailed information about IP addresses, without connecting to a server on the net. Created by Nirsoft, IPInfoOffline queries a built in database containing information about each IP address. IP block range, Organization, Assigned Date, Country Name, and Country Code are displayed. This information can …

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MACAddressView – MAC Address Tool

MACAddressView - MAC Address Lookup Tool

MACAddressView is a Portable and Free MAC Address Tool created by NirSoft. It can be used to Lookup MAC Addresses and find MAC Address Information for network adapters. Information such as company details (company name, address, and country) by the MAC address of the product. MACAddressView utilizes it’s own internal MAC addresses database to display the …

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SmartSniff – Network Packet Sniffer

smartsniff 2

SmartSniff is a network packet sniffer TCP/IP packet capture program that enables you to monitor all traffic, open ports and more that pass through your computer’s network adapter. All without installing a capture driver or installing to your computer. SmartSniff can be carried with you and run directly and portably from a USB flash drive.