DNSDataView DNS Lookup Tool

DNSDataView is a Free DNS Lookup tool. This data checking software can be used to check the IP address DNS records (MX, NS, A, SOA) of domains or "Lookup Domain Host". It provides users with an ability to specify a DNS server and then the retrieved DNS records can be exported to a text, xml, html or csv file.

Free DNS Lookup Tool | DNSDataView

DNSDataView - DNS Lookup Tool - DNS Checker

DNSDataView is a small portable utility created and distributed by NirSoft. It was made to retrieve and display the DNS records of specified domain names. Key features include:

  • Retrieval of DNS records: Allows users to retrieve various types of DNS records associated with a specific domain name. These records may include A, AAAA, MX, NS, SOA, and other types.
  • Support for multiple domain names: Users can input multiple domain names and view the DNS records for all of them simultaneously.
  • Exporting data: The tool provides the option to export the DNS records information into a text, HTML, XML, or CSV file, allowing users to save and analyze the data.
  • Command line support: Can be run from a command line interface, which is useful for automation and scripting purposes.
  • Portable application: It's a portable application, meaning it works stand alone and doesn't require installation to a PC. Users can run it directly from a USB flash drive or other removable portable storage device.

This tool is handy for network administrators, IT professionals, or anyone who needs to gather and analyze DNS records for specific domain names. It provides a quick way to access and export DNS information without the need for more complex and feature-rich DNS management tools.