Angry IP Scanner Portable

Angry IP Scanner is a free portable Network IP address scanner and port scanning tool that was designed to be fast and very simple to use. This popular networking tool is commonly used by network administrators around the world to quickly scan an IP address for host names and open ports. It works by pinging an IP addresses to see if it is alive. For addresses that are active, the tool resolves its host-name, determines the MAC address, and then scans the address for open ports.

Additional plugins are also made available to help gather more data about each host. This tool uses a very small footprint. Requiring just under 1 MB for complete stand alone installation. Making it a nice Portable Network Administration tool to carry with you on a USB flash drive.

Angry IP Scanner – Network Scanner

This Network Scanner is shown below scanning an IP Address for Open Ports.

Angry IP Scanner - Portable Port Scanner

Authors Website: Project Home Page

License: Open Source

File Size: 888 KB

Download: Grab this free portable network scanning tool – Download Angry IP Scanner