[email protected] Portable Network Monitor

[email protected] is a Portable application that allows a user to monitor which clients are connected to a local network. It will display the IP addresses of any computer attached to your local network and will determine if the machines are online or offline and can display if the computer is using a Windows operating system or not. You can limit scan ranges based on IP address, network adapter, or port types. Plus the utility ships with ping, trace-route, and a tree-based network viewer already built in.

[email protected] Portable Network Monitor

Look@LAN Portable Network Monitor

Authors Website: lookatlan.com – Abandoned project?

License: Freeware

How to make [email protected] Portable:

  1. Download [email protected] setup installer
  2. Run the installer and proceed to install
  3. Once the installer has finished, copy the [email protected] directory from your program files directory ( I.E. C:\Program Files\[email protected]) to your USB flash drive
  4. Launch the program via LookAtLan.exe from the [email protected] folder on your USB flash drive

You can now uninstall Look at LAN from your PC if you wish