System Hardware Information

System Information Tools that can be run from a portable USB device.

HWiNFO - System Hardware Information Tool

System Information - HWiNFO32HWiNFO is a professional system hardware information and diagnostic tool that provides comprehensive information about a computer's hardware components. It is designed to support both novice and expert users in providing accurate and detailed information about the system's configuration, performance, and stability.

CPU-Z | Portable System Information

CPU-ZCPU-Z is a tiny portable system information tool that can be used to check and display CPU, Memory, Motherboard and Operating System information (including Direct X version). The software utility can also be used to bench test or stress test your processor.

PC Wizard - Portable Diagnostics and Benchmarking

PC WizardPC Wizard is a free benchmarking software and diagnostics utility that includes some great tools. It can be used to detect and analyze or test computer hardware, display complete system information and even benchmark parts of your computer system.

USBDeview - USB Device Information Tool

USBDevViewUSBDeview is a free USB Device Information Tool. This portable application can list all USB devices, and hubs that have been previously connected to your system.

AIDA32 - System Information Tool

AIDA32 System Information ToolAIDA32 is a portable and personal system information tool. It can be used to retrieve and display detailed information regarding the hardware and software installed on a computer.

Speccy Portable System Information Tool

Speccy Portable System Information ToolSpeccy is a Portable System Information Tool. It can be used to quickly obtain and display detailed specifications or specs of the system hardware and operating system installed on a computer.

SpeedFan PC Fan Speed Controller

speedfanSpeedFan is a fan speed controller and system temperature monitor for PC. Use it to change fan speed without entering BIOS, to keep a computer from overheating.

CrystalDiskInfo - Hard Drive Monitor

crystal-disk-infoCrystalDiskInfo is a Portable Hard Drive Monitor. The Disk Monitor can be used to determine the status, temperature and overall health of your HDD or SSD drives.

GPU-Z - Video Card Information Tool

gpu-z-portable-video-card-information-toolGPU-Z is a Free and lightweight portable software utility that was created to list all of the information regarding your Video Card and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). With it, a user can retrieve important video card information.

Everest Home Edition - System Information

Everest Home EditionEverest Home Edition is a Portable and Free System Information Utility created by FinalWire Ltd (Lavalys). Much like SIW, it can be used to display information regarding a PC's system hardware without opening the case (useful for diagnostics and upgrading).

CheckUDisk - USB Flashdrive Information Tool

checkudisk-usb-information-utilityCheckUDisk is a free utility that can be used to retrieve hard coded information about USB drives connected to your PC. This information includes Device Name, Drive Letter, VID and PID Numbers, Vendor ID, Product ID, Product Revision, Vendor Description, Product Description and Serial Number of the USB device.

System Spec - Portable System Information Tool

System Spec - Portable System Information ToolSystem Spec is a Portable System Information Tool created by Alex Nolan. This free portable utility provides detailed system specification and information about the Hardware and Software Installed on the PC it is run from.

Spec Check - System Information Utility

Spec Check - System InfoSpec Check is a Free and Portable System Information Utility or tool created by Matthew Laverack. It can be used to display information about a computers hardware and software.

DriveLetterView | Easily Change Drive Letters

DriveLetterView - Change or Delete Drive LettersDriveLetterView is a free and portable drive letter editing utility. This tool can be used to view drive letter assignments of all local drives, remote network drives, CD/DVD drives, and USB devices that are or have been attached to a machine.